Good ‘ol Times

Good ‘ol Times When We could just let Google hack a lot of stuff…

Do you remember the good old times where a simple advanced Google search could eventually give you a lot of free stuff and hack various random sites?

A good formed search like :”inurl://view.shtml” could reveal many things that are not wanted to be seen..

But mostly, my favorites were : “ hacked” or “ cracked” etc.

Anyway long story short. we did the same thing, but in github.

Results : the same!

Go nuts!

By J.C.


Goat Simulator, Feel how it’s being hired from Google!

After the official release from Google and Amazon

Goats in Amazon
Amazon goats on duty!
Goats hired from Google. I think they have more zeal that their competitors in Amazon…

Now everyone wants to feel like being hired from Google and/or Amazon, sort of.

Our highly trained monkeys here at work, found out this exclusive game  (not really a game, a way of life I’d might add) just for your pleasure!

The nearly near-life Goat Simulator!
The nearly near-life Goat Simulator!

The relevant funding – preorder site of the game developers is :

Have fun!

Credit: The one , the only , Stefan!

Sources: the telegraph , kotaku



Things I wanted as a kid

Being a kid during the ’90s

Made me want to get stuff I knew I could not.

One of them was this, “The Hoverboard”

Even though it was pink and girlish, I still wanted it, because it could hover!

Back then, no matter how badly I wanted it, deep inside I knew that there were limitations due to the technology (thats why I was fascinated by the idea of going to the Future)!

But now we simple folks can get one! Take a look at the video:

Another thing I wanted also, was the Talkboy. The portable tape recorder “Kevin” used to get around things:

The Talkboy, with variable play speed could simulate a grown mans voice!

With the Talkboy, “Kevin” used it as a slower than normal play speed, lowering the pitch and making him sound as a grown man. This was quite useful because he managed to get stuff a child could not, whereas an adult could:

Source: Endgadget