Monero Mining Ban or How to Ban yourself from Google

I’m back

I haven’t posted in a while. Mainly because I was really busy with my morning job, and a lot of other stuff in the between. For all of you who actually kept in line with my blog I would have to say I have done a lot the past 3 years, career-wise.

This post is going to be mainly for talking about Crypto Currency mining, and the related technology.


I have worked a lot in the Finance Tech Sector, even before it was the hot word. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to actually delve into the Crypto Finance part, only up until recently.

I decided I should have a look at the technological / mining part of a Crypto Currency.

Of course since I am primarily an engineer and not a coder, I decided that the mining must be done in a distributed way and not in a dedicated way most people without any specific technical background do… And that was the issue unfortunately.

Monero JS Mining


Even though my current morning job doesn’t include a lot of JavaScript (or ECMAScript as they renamed it nowadays), I still have some juice left in me. So since JS rules the world language-wise, the logical approach would be a JS miner. There is only one js-miner.  And also a nicely laid-out service is  Coin-Hive (I’m not linking the site as it will be marked as a malware, more on that later). The crypto currency is Monero (XMR), and it is mainly developed for mining using a CPU and not any specific ASIC just as Bitcoin or Ethereum are. Which also makes it more profitable in my opinion to mine right now, without actually having a monster like computer, which is needed to mine all the other currencies…


Ok, lets face it mining using others pc’s is not that profitable.
Having something like 30-40 visits per day on your website with an average stay of 1-2 mins could probably give out something like 10 cents per day, with roughly 1M hashes.

So it turns out that a lot of people had the same idea as me (a few months back) by using the browser’s V8 to run mining software.

Unfortunately users do not appreciate this. They do not appreciate ads, but also not their CPU spiking up a bit as they like to browse a site they might benefit from.

Frankly, I find this offensive. Especially from google’s part since I managed to set up a distributed miner. I distributed it’s source code (based on a flavour of CryptoNight algorithm) and mining software between some of my sites, using my github account to host the files for the miner, and a few other freeware sites for proxying the traffic for the mining pool.

The Monero Mining Ban

My github account was banned. Also my sites as well. Google thought that all my sites have been hacked and that they were infected with a malware.

Google sent me a lot of e-mails that my sites were infected, and that I should clean them. Apparently it is illegal to serve these assets even if you specifically ask permission from the users (or just simply notify them for this). So, users don’t like ads, since they are using an adblocker, and they don’t like also using their CPU for mining. OK, I get it. We just have to pay for domains and servers for ourselves, for the code and the brain power we burnt to create the content, and just give this away for nothing. Nice. Even though if I somehow have a guy who still owes me a lot of money for a website I helped him create and I don’t want to put him out of business by just closing it down.

Should you need any more info let me know to help you if you want to setup your own JS mining rig.

PS. I have started working on another big open source project which is really nice, you will hear from me again.

Fluent English

Rude but truthful…

I’m back and this time I’m here to comment on the latest frustrations I’ve been facing working as a Security DevOps Engineer for the past year or so…

The programming world is a global community, with developers and teams working together from all around the world. As a result, clear and effective communication is essential to ensure that projects are completed on time and to the highest quality. Unfortunately, many developers struggle with their English language skills, which can have a significant impact on the quality of code.

One of the main ways in which poor English skills can affect the quality of code is through misunderstandings. Developers may struggle to understand instructions or requirements, leading to mistakes and errors in their code. This can also lead to delays in projects, as developers may need to spend additional time trying to understand what is expected of them.

In addition to this, poor English skills can also make it difficult for developers to collaborate effectively with others. Developers may struggle to understand code written by other team members, leading to confusion and delays. They may also find it difficult to explain their own code to others, which can make it difficult for others to understand and maintain the code.

Another way in which poor English skills can affect the quality of code is through the use of poor documentation. Developers may struggle to write clear and concise documentation, making it difficult for others to understand and use their code. This can also make it difficult for others to understand how the code works and how to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

In order to address these issues, it’s important for developers to work on improving their English language skills. This can be achieved through a variety of methods, including language classes, online resources, and practice with native English speakers. Additionally, companies and organizations should provide opportunities for developers to improve their English skills, such as language classes or mentoring programs.

In conclusion, the lack of good English skills in the programming world can significantly affect the quality of code. It leads to misunderstandings, delays, and difficulties in collaboration. Therefore, it’s essential for developers to work on improving their English language skills, and for companies and organizations to provide opportunities for them to do so. Clear and effective communication is vital for the success of any project, and should be given the attention it deserves.

Tribute to Dune

In light of waiting for the new movie by Dennis Villeneuve, Dune, I felt like posting this.

Frank Herbert’s Dune is literally one of the most full, articulate and solid Science Fictions books I have ever read. Honestly, I just can’t get enough of it! Plot, characters, setting, scenery, scenario, it is amazing!!!

The downside is I’m never happy with the movies though. The most serious approach (even though the director literally denied the word serious), was by David Lynch, in 1984’s Dune…

David Lynch’s Dune 1984

It was a good movie, but only for the fans… Very slow, with a lot of strange scenes, but it was something… The rest of the attempts are simply not worth mentioning.

Super excited with this movie!!

While we are waiting for this, I remembered my primary school games, and this blew my mind…

Trib-une, a TRIB-ute to d-UNE

Only the best strategy game I could play back then… I think it revolutionized modern gaming…

Mac OS Spelling

Just putting it here in case someone bumps into it, and is stumped.
I recently changed and got a macbook. I moved from linux and one of the nice features I jumped to mac os were, seeing a misspelled word, right click -> see the suggestion, and correct it.

Problem started appearing when I updated to the new Catalina 10.15.4.

After that update, I started noticing that even though my words were being checked for spelling (showing an underlined squiggly line), when I was right-clicking, I kept receiving a Loading suggestions and nothing appearing as a suggestion.

I tried everything.

Resetting the dictionary, following apples suggestion, nothing seemed to work. In the end I gave up.

Had another fresher look and did the following:

System Preferences > Language & Region:

I noticed I had two preferred languages

I removed the “second” preferred language, and restarted my mac.

It worked

My suggestions started working agan!

I hope this helped!