Throw ’em to Various

Thoughts and Every-day Findings


Working as a web dev for almost 4 years, here for the forthcoming days (hopefully) I will be posting my thoughts on many web development problems and worth mentioning stuff I come along.

Credit will be a lot and thankfully given to my colleagues. Our skype channel back at work has quite a fame for reposting, and finding anything that winks us.

Found something funny or useful?

I don’t care honestly. Just trolling.

Frankly trolling is a way of life. Coding and trolling is another way to “escape” the every day brain damage code has to offer to you.

I’m always open to suggestions and/or stuff you think are worth noticing.

Finally, we have to leave credit to a favorite and many hours consuming game, which gave us the first idea of our blog :

Must Feeeeeed!!
N’aix the Lifestealer

“Muustt Feeed”. Must Feed The Trolls!

Last but not least

I have decided to post some also useful stuff I came across during developing this current blog.

If you feel you have somehow benefited from that (and trolling too sometimes a laugh does wondrous things) feel free to like this page on facebook or contact us at [email protected]