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Tribute to Dune

In light of waiting for the new movie by Dennis Villeneuve, Dune, I felt like posting this.

Frank Herbert’s Dune is literally one of the most full, articulate and solid Science Fictions books I have ever read. Honestly, I just can’t get enough of it! Plot, characters, setting, scenery, scenario, it is amazing!!!

The downside is I’m never happy with the movies though. The most serious approach (even though the director literally denied the word serious), was by David Lynch, in 1984’s Dune…

David Lynch’s Dune 1984

It was a good movie, but only for the fans… Very slow, with a lot of strange scenes, but it was something… The rest of the attempts are simply not worth mentioning.

Super excited with this movie!!

While we are waiting for this, I remembered my primary school games, and this blew my mind…

Trib-une, a TRIB-ute to d-UNE

Only the best strategy game I could play back then… I think it revolutionized modern gaming…

Seriously Addictive Game 2048

Don’t click on the following link

You have been warned.

So simple to learn.

So difficult to beat it.

Purpose is to reach 2048 in one single tile

In order to win this game you have to reach in one single tile the 2048. As also the game 2048.

All tiles are multiple of 2 and when 2 same tiles come together they are added.

The AI is awesome on this game.

There is also the counter game where you place tiles and must prevent the pc from reaching a single tile with 2048.

This game is called 8402.