Skype Bot AIML

You guys know Jenkins Troller

It’s the bot we have created and demonstrated here.

Waiting patiently… Until you F up!~

This bot is built on Sevabot and Python, running under an EC2 Amazon Instance.

We have created a few funny mods, here and here but we wanted to take it to a really next level.

While discussing with my brother the other night, and

Proudly… presenting my cool modules of the bot (pirate talk Arrrr! and Chuck Norris API) he wrote 2-3 times the relevant command, but afterwards he turned to me and said:

What? He is not ACTUALLY responding to what you say…

Challenge Accepted

I found out this awesome guy : Cort Stratton who wrote the first wrapper for AIML in python. And you know our bot was written originally in Python as well.

A little about AIML

So AIML stands for Artificial Intelligence Markup Language. Fancy words I’d say. Typically though; nothing more, nothing less than a standard state machine (yeah, all AI’s are, unless we’re in Matrix and this piece of cheese I’m eating is actually a MD5 HexDigest).

State Machine that works somehow like this:

  <pattern>WHAT IS YOUR NAME</pattern>
  <template>My name is John.</template>

You ask it “WHAT IS YOUR NAME????” loads a lot of XML (aiml) files in memory, parses them and matches each pattern inside the category until it gets the lesser levehnstine score. Response? My Name is John.

So without further redue : Skype Bot AIML Sevabot or Jenkins Troller as we call him due to his current confinement with Jenkins our favorite butler!

After cloning the source code from PyAIML wrapper I pretty much followed the instructions on how to “train” and “load” a bot brain, and voila!! The first PyAIML Sevabot is born!! 🙂

What?! How to use it you say?!

Dead simple :

  1. Clone it.
  2. Install it following the instruction on the
  3. Run it
  4. !alice start

…and he’ll troll you until he stops running, or !alice stop