Things I wanted as a kid

Being a kid during the ’90s

Made me want to get stuff I knew I could not.

One of them was this, “The Hoverboard”

Even though it was pink and girlish, I still wanted it, because it could hover!

Back then, no matter how badly I wanted it, deep inside I knew that there were limitations due to the technology (thats why I was fascinated by the idea of going to the Future)!

But now we simple folks can get one! Take a look at the video:

Another thing I wanted also, was the Talkboy. The portable tape recorder “Kevin” used to get around things:

The Talkboy, with variable play speed could simulate a grown mans voice!

With the Talkboy, “Kevin” used it as a slower than normal play speed, lowering the pitch and making him sound as a grown man. This was quite useful because he managed to get stuff a child could not, whereas an adult could:

Source: Endgadget