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The Fermi Paradox

I read a rather interesting story concerning intelligent life

And I think I should post it here since, I really really enjoyed it.

The basic concept revolves around the great Italian Physicist called Enrico Fermi.

He lived during 1901 and 1954 made a lot of breakthroughs in modern physics (the only thing I remember from school though was the Fermi Level of ferrite metals — more here)

The Fermi level is the total chemical potential for electrons (or electrochemical potential for electrons) and is usually denoted by µ or EF

But this is irrelevant to what he said when he looked at the stars:

Yeah, summer, friends, camping, you will end up looking at them at some point…

Where is Everybody?

His point exactly. Based on many assumptions and theories, a simple paradox appears. We cannot see anyone apart from us in the universe (although our observation scope is rather small).

But according to this article, there is a high chance that some other life form ahead of us in technology and advancement that has colonized half his galaxy (which eventually must and will be visible? from us). This is explained thoroughly in the blog post.

But more on those thoughts to the following link :

The Fermi Paradox

What I also liked, and personally believe in part

is the saying by  Oxford University philosopher Nick Bostrom that “no news – is good news” 


Credit to P.K. – from the website :