Now I get it. PHP is a collective language created by multicultural people all over the world.


Well, ok. Which makes you think that all errors should be properly explained in a common language. Since we do not all speak the same language (apart from math that is) English is a good candidate.

Surely it is not Greek. Surely it is not Persian. And by any means its not Hebrew either.

Yet, this :


Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM

Okay. If you google it , turns out that PAAMAYIM NEKUDOTAYIM means double colon (::) in Hebrew.

Turns out that the two main guys who wrote the Zend Engine that translates PHP to executable code, were from Israel.

And after all those years this has somehow not changed. Which eventually will make your eyes bleed. Since it would be the same as writing: “Dipli Anw Kai Katw Teleia”

Gummy-Bears for your Loved Ones

There comes a time when we all have to bring something to our work for our birthday

Well, I have thought of the best “gift” which in appearance looks also completely “guilt” free.

Haribo Gummy-Bears that are also sugar-free!

What’s better than a bag (hell, not just a bag 10 bags) of delicious Gummy-Bears for everyone, and all those on me?

Well, after eating 10 all hell breaks loose!

The perfect gift for all those you hate !

You can order them from


What came out of me felt like someone tried to funnel Niagara Falls through a coffee straw

A Happy-Haribo-Customer describes.

As I type this review, I’m on the toilet, surrounded by my dearest family and friends and a priest.

Another one invoking the almighty to help him expel the evil!

Seriously Addictive Game 2048

Don’t click on the following link

You have been warned.

So simple to learn.

So difficult to beat it.

Purpose is to reach 2048 in one single tile

In order to win this game you have to reach in one single tile the 2048. As also the game 2048.

All tiles are multiple of 2 and when 2 same tiles come together they are added.

The AI is awesome on this game.

There is also the counter game where you place tiles and must prevent the pc from reaching a single tile with 2048.

This game is called 8402.