Project Sky-Blog

Best Ideas come in the Shower (or not?)

Subconscious interacting with conscious is best performed during sleep, but sometimes while showering you can always get some good juice. But more on that later.

Now while working in an open space (40 developers) there were some problems concerning noise.

While sometimes the noise from other people is somehow amusing and entertaining, there are times when you need to concentrate and write code without being interrupted.

The reason above is why the channel Various (X) was created.


Since we are beings that live and breathe inside internet, we tend to find stuff that are quite amusing and above all trolling level genious.

After that and a short time in shower, we came with the idea to create this blog, which for now is a nearly carbon copy of the Skype (R) channel Various (X).

And the adjective nearly describes what it is because the actual integration is not yet complete.

Our blog is built with WordPress and hosted in Heroku and our goal is  an automated integration via a skype bot, hence the name Sky-Blog. To put in a nutshell, we would like ideally to install a bot with commands and automated posting posts to the blog operated just by being inside the channel Various (X).

What we finally did was to install sevabot. This bot works like a charm!

Integration with Jenkins is on the way, any many, many other goods.

Next step is to create a post just by mentioning something to channel Various (X).

Have a look at this page, where you will find bash scripts implementing some of really good “trolling” API’s.

If you feel you can contribute in our search (apart from Let me Google That for You) , feel free to post a comment !

See ya until our latest update!