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Anger! Unlimited, Unmetered ANGERRRR!

Developer Anger!

Developers often face situations where logic bends. Now this happens quite a few times. Suppose we have an equation with factors that the outcome of this equation is the “bending logic”.

The first factor, and larger at times is the client input. “Yes, we know we asked for that, but now things have changed, so we have to change it” , “What? I did not ask for a red line drawn with a blue pen!” and so on. More on that at The Expert.

The second factor is the programming language we are using. And that is the point were we stand for now.  Third and fourth factors is experience and capability but those are irrelevant on each person so, we wont be discussing them now.


Quite recently I stumbled upon this interesting site :


Turns out that this guy: @abestanway is parsing repos from github and records each curse in the commit log message. A commit log message is a message we developers use when we are completing a project/code snippet/change/bug in the code of a system we are using.

This guy, took it to another step also. He gathered data and created a presentation, showing the languages with the most curses. He even created graphs of the most cursed and least cursed language:

Curses / Language
Curses / Language

As you can see, Javascript is the first. Undoubtedly this language is the most widely used, so it makes sense for it to have the most curses (and yeah many other stuff you already know like changeling scopes and other Javascript shitty stuff).

He also created graphs with the most used curses:

See that Fuck prevails all!!
See that Fuck prevails all!!

Next, he compared the Most Cursed languages with the most used languages in Github. You can have a look at all the above from the relevant video :

Therefore :


To conclude he points out that the more the curses, the better the code…

The Expert

“The Expert” is a short sketch illustrating the frustration every Engineer feels inside a meeting.

Client will always ask irrational requirements.
Client will always ask irrational requirements.

Every time. Two words. Full meaning. Every time a meeting takes place and the client along with the Managers come together to discuss the specifications of a “Project”, an engineer comes across the pictured subjects.

The client as always does not know what she/he wants. The expert is here so as to advise what can and cannot be done. And as always, the managers are taking the side of the  client. It really does not matter whether the clients requirement is an NP unsolvable problem or for god’s sake the solution to worlds famine, the managers will always give the client what she/he wants.

No matter how hard the expert might argue, he will end in frustration accepting all the clients demand.

You see, from the manager’s point of view, he will not be doing any dirty work. In terms of computer science and programming, the manager will not be doing any research, he will not be coding at all.

All it matters is to sign that damn contract. Nothing else. Words like “mathematically impossible” do not exist in the vocabulary while the client asks from the expert to mustfeedly prove for example that 1=2.

Source : the laughing squid

Watch this video and you will remember yourself in these situations.