The Expert

“The Expert” is a short sketch illustrating the frustration every Engineer feels inside a meeting.

Client will always ask irrational requirements.
Client will always ask irrational requirements.

Every time. Two words. Full meaning. Every time a meeting takes place and the client along with the Managers come together to discuss the specifications of a “Project”, an engineer comes across the pictured subjects.

The client as always does not know what she/he wants. The expert is here so as to advise what can and cannot be done. And as always, the managers are taking the side of the  client. It really does not matter whether the clients requirement is an NP unsolvable problem or for god’s sake the solution to worlds famine, the managers will always give the client what she/he wants.

No matter how hard the expert might argue, he will end in frustration accepting all the clients demand.

You see, from the manager’s point of view, he will not be doing any dirty work. In terms of computer science and programming, the manager will not be doing any research, he will not be coding at all.

All it matters is to sign that damn contract. Nothing else. Words like “mathematically impossible” do not exist in the vocabulary while the client asks from the expert to mustfeedly prove for example that 1=2.

Source : the laughing squid

Watch this video and you will remember yourself in these situations.