Coding is a Way of Life

When it comes to coding

I often find myself looking back at those years while in the high school and later in the university. It turns out that both those institutions that in terms made me who I am, did not provide sufficient knowledge on how to write and run computer software.

Playing a little bit the part of devil’s advocate, I think I always had it in me. Were those small Visual Basic scripts I often tended to write while in high school. Were afterwards in the university, the endless hours trying to “optimize” the given university projects. That all combined provided me the technical “thirst” for further development.

That development in terms of skills and more coding, was mostly provided by myself. I was the one searching to find more stuff to do. Not the university. Not the high school either. I had literally no one to guide me into this procedure. For all I cared, especially in the university where you could choose the courses, I could have chosen a much more easy path, without the computer programming skills. That’s what it was everyone was suggesting anyway. Since this path was the easiest in terms of engineering.

Being at 2014, this should ultimately change. We live in a world where computers are honestly playing a huge part. I do not think that there should be a single child in the fore-coming years that does not know even the basic principles of computer coding and algorithms.

Although, I personally did not like Steve Jobs (for various reasons), I do believe in his following words:


Watch this video. You will appreciate the things you do. And reflect for the future of our kids. Coding will literally give you super human powers in the future…