Patience is a virtue!

Indeed. If you do not have Patience, you’re gonna get old really fast.

A greek proverb and in our line of work :

Please Wait - Most do, but there are @!#$holes!
Please Wait – Most do, but there are @!#$holes!

It’s true! Most people do wait when you prompt them. But there are also exceptions. In our line of work this happens a lot.

“Uhm, there is a wait screen…It says ‘Please wait, do not go back or cancel the waiting screen or your transaction might fail’… I clicked back, have I purchased the product?”

Again and again and again!

or, another client once said:

“I click the update button while the page loads, and it does not update!!!”

and to our dearest Project Managers:

“Come on, you have 1 day to rewrite the whole app, it is more than you need… You are a <<Ninja>> dev..”

Those people should be served with this page to see that Patience is a virtue : until they learn the value of WAITING! (in a different context) :